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Government Fees

Road Tax

All vehicles in Hong Kong are required to be registered with the Transport Department and require annual Road Tax. This tax is based on the cubic capacity (C.C.s) of the engine. The following are the rates for Private Cars -

Under 1500CCs $2,929 ($1,040)
1500CCs  - 2,499CCs $5,794 ($2,056)
2,500CCs - 3499CCs $7,664 ($2,711)
3,500CCs - 4499CCs $9,534 ($3,365)
4500CCs plus $11,239 ($3,994)
Figures in brackets are for rax for 4 months.

Transfer of Ownership

The Transfer of Ownership of a vehicle in Hong Kong must be reported to the Transport Department. This involves filling out yet another form and providing a copy of Hong Kong ID card or passport, home address, daytime telephone number and  $1,000 Transfer Fee payable by the buyer.

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