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Like all major cities in the world Hong Kong has a bewildering selection of used cars and car dealers. For the newly arrived expatriate it is a daunting task to go out in a strange place with the intention of buying a used car.

The Car Locator was founded by Andrew Hay to help to iron out the bumps in the road to car ownership. Having lived here for many years Andrew has developed good relationships with a vast number of dealers who treat him as one of their own. He also has associates who read and speak Chinese who can ferret out good cars from private sellers.

How can The Car Locator help you?

  • An independent broker. Do not have the overheads of a dealer thus do not seek the margins that a dealer would need to meet his overheads. No "stock" thus can give unbiased advice.

  • All the cars recommended are checked under the supervision of expatriate motor engineers making sure that the car you drive home is in good condition, will be reliable and, if looked after, should  be saleable when your tour of duty is over.

How does it work?

  • You call me and we discuss your needs. I put together a short list for you.

  • You tell me which car(s) you would like to see. I bring the car(s) to your home or office for you to inspect and test drive.

  • You make a choice. At this stage I require a deposit to hold the car.

  • I take the car to the engineers. They inspect it and if it passes muster I phone you at once to arrange delivery and to arrange for the balance of the purchase price.

  • I handle all the paperwork including insurance and transfer of ownership.

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